5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding Day at Margaritaville Resort Orlando

You deserve your happily ever after, and Margaritaville Resort Orlando is the place to make all of your dreams come true. Here are our top five reasons why you should celebrate your special day at Margaritaville Resort Orlando!

1. Tropical Atmosphere

Margaritaville Resort is a relaxing, fun, and beautiful resort that kindles a romantic, tropical, carefree oasis — perfect for your special day. Enjoy the palm trees, bright colors, and beachy vibes with your family and friends on this momentous day. And don’t forget Florida’s sunny, warm, and inviting weather! Perfect for the pool, a margarita, and spending time together, the weather is the cherry on top of the Margaritaville Resort experience.

Bride and groom sitting and embracing on the beach area at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.

2. Venues

With indoor and outdoor event spaces, each stunning in their own right, there are plenty of picturesque options for your special day venue. Our lush event lawn makes an excellent ceremony or reception space as well as our gorgeous ballrooms. You can also enjoy a beautiful and intimate ceremony in the Jimmy Buffett presidential suite. We have so many options to choose from to ensure the perfect picture is created.

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Chairs and flower petals set up for a wedding on the Margaritaville Resort Orlando event lawn.

3. Hotel Advantage

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of having your wedding at Margaritaville Resort Orlando is the ability to have all your family and friends stay onsite. There are many spectacular rooming options, from private cottages to our beautiful resort hotel rooms. With amazing amenities for all to enjoy, the happy couple and guests alike will enjoy all their time on the property.

Family gathered together in the kitchen of a Margaritaville Resort Orlando cottage.


With our decor options as well as the spectacular Florida sky, a wedding at Margaritaville is sure to take everyone’s breath away. Our resort is designed with tropical, elegant, and fun sights for everyone to behold and experience.

Aerial view of the Margaritaville Resort Orlando hotel and Fins Up Beach Club pool area.

5. Delicious Catering Options

Knowing just how important a happy stomach is for everyone in wedding attendance, Margaritaville Resort Orlando offers a fine selection of catering options. Our options are abundant and account for all tastes and diets. So, eat and be married!

Family dining together at Euphoria Fish House restaurant.

We hope you enjoyed our list of five reasons why you should celebrate your wedding day at Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Click here to learn more about our wedding services!