7 Spring Break Essentials to Bring to Paradise

It’s Spring Break Season! That means sunshine, salty rims, and serious fun. To keep your Margaritaville Resort Orlando getaway carefree, we made a packing list of all the Spring Break essentials you’ll need to thrive in paradise.

1. Bathing Suits!

Spring Break is all about chilling by the pool! Be sure to bring 2-3 pairs of your favorite swimwear. Go all out and find your favorite looks. You can accessorize with cute cover ups, sun hats, sunglasses, and more!

Women lounging in a cabana

2. Sunscreen!

Keep your skin happy and be sure to bring sunscreen to spare! It’s important to lather up and avoid any burns that may damper vacation. So, bring sunscreen and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Remember to reapply!

Woman applying sunscreen in a pool

3. Reusable Water Bottle

It is so important to stay hydrated in the warm Florida sun! Having a reusable water bottle with you at all times will help keep you cool and feeling fresh. Plus, it makes a super cute prop for Spring Break photo shoots!

Woman holding a mesh reusable bag and metal water bottle

4. Headphones

Get your Spring Break playlist ready! There’s no better time to listen to your favorite tunes. Whether you want to relax or get pumped up, having headphones to listen to music, books, and more is a great idea. Plus, if you ever need some alone time, you can grab your headphones and recharge.

Woman laying on a float in a pool

5. Light Reading

A book or magazine is always a good idea to have on deck. Whether you’re reading in your downtime, by the pool, or just before bed, light reading is sure to help you relax and enjoy the quieter times of Spring Break.

Man lounging on a comfy chair and reading a book while wearing a parrot hat

6. Waterproof Phone Case

Spring Break is a SPLASH. If you’re coming to paradise, that means water-filled fun is in your future. Protect your phone with a waterproof case so you can be as carefree as ever!

Women taking a selfie on their Margaritaville Resort Orlando balcony

7. Your ID

If you’re 21+ and in the mood to drink, be sure to bring your ID! Why? Because it’s 5 o’Clock somewhere! It’s Margaritaville after all!

Friends toasting a margarita and a beer can next to the pool at Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Now you’re prepared to have the best Spring Break ever!