A Classic Margaritaville Gift Guide

Shopping for: Your Mom

A Signature Mother Ocean Candle

The Mother Ocean Candle is a no-brainer when it comes to moms. Not only is the name a fun nod to your parent, but this enthralling scent is also the signature smell of the resort! This candle is sure to have your mother’s home smelling like an elegant, tropical paradise. She will love it!

Margaritaville Resort Store interior

Shopping for: Your Dad

A Hawaiian Shirt

Plus up dad’s wardrobe with a tropical, Margaritaville Hawaiian shirt. Truly, what has more “dad energy” than a garment of this type? Dad will appreciate the comfort and style of a Hawaiian shirt. He will surely have some fun with it!

Couple taking a photo in front of the Margaritaville Resort Orlando flip flop

Shopping for: Your Sister

A Cozy Margaritaville Sweater

Margaritaville Resort Orlando is known for good times in the sunshine, but we also have amazing sweaters to keep our guests cozy and warm. With a variety of colors and designs, you can quickly find a perfect fit for your sister to enjoy!

Shopping for: Your Brother

A Classic Margaritaville Hat

Hats are an essential accessory. Have your brother looking sharp with a Margaritaville cap. There are many designs and colors, so you are sure to find one your brother will love!

Shopping for: Your Friend

Margaritaville Glassware

Classy and fun, Margaritaville glasses are the perfect cup to sip any concoction. With this amazing gift, you and your friends can all come together and share quality time as you cheers to your friendship with Margaritaville glassware.

Cocktail glass on top of a bar

Shopping for: Your Significant Other

A Margaritaville Resort Orlando Getaway

Nothing is more romantic than a tropical getaway. If you want to make a grand gesture this holiday season, bring your sweet to Margaritaville Resort Orlando! Spend time together by our picturesque pools, have a nice dinner at Euphoria Fish House, or indulge in a couples massage at St. Somewhere Spa. You can do all that and more at Margaritaville Resort Orlando! With lush greenery, warm sunshine, charming decor, romantic skies, there’s no better place to treat your significant other.

Couple sitting on edge of pool

Shopping for: Your Boss

A Margaritaville Mug

Mugs are the quintessential gift to give to your boss, and for good reason! Why not add some tropical flair to this classic present with a Margaritaville mug? Bringing a hint of paradise to the office is sure to boost morale. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter in the break room.

Margaritaville Store

There you have it – A merry Margaritaville gift guide! We hope this inspires you to give the gift of paradise this year. Happy holidays!