Bring a Splash of Paradise to the Spooky Season with These Tropical Halloween Costumes

Halloween in Florida means cooler weather! But who says you can't infuse a bit of tropical flair into this beloved Fall holiday? Check out these awesome beachy Halloween costume ideas that will put you in a paradise piece of mind.


Capture the laid-back vibes of the tropical coasts by becoming a surfer. Put on a wetsuit or swim trunks, a vibrant rash guard, and a surfboard. Accessorize with a sun hat, beachy jewelry, and don't forget to add a touch of sunscreen!

Two girls holding up a surfboard


Put a tropical twist on the classic pirate costume by adding a Caribbean flair. Don a pirate hat, flowy shirt, and rugged boots. Add colorful beads and tropical accents to your costume, like a parrot perched on your shoulder or a small treasure chest filled with seashells and jewels. This swashbuckling ensemble captures the essence of adventure on the high seas.

Young boy wearing a pirate costume

Island Mermaid/Merman

Mermaids, deck yourself in iridescent greens, blues, and corals, embellished with seashells, pearls, and tropical flowers. A flower crown adorned with ocean-inspired elements or al seashell tiara will add a perfect touch. As a merman, sport vibrant tropical fish patterns, and incorporate lush seaweed and exotic marine creatures into your ensemble.

Girl wearing a mermaid fin, sitting at the edge of a pool

Tropical Explorer

Why not channel your inner adventurer and become a tropical explorer? Dress in cargo shorts, a safari hat, and a khaki vest covered with plush tropical creatures like parrots, monkeys, and more! Complete the look with a pair of binoculars, a map, and some faux tropical foliage. You'll be ready to uncover the hidden treasures of the rainforest while bringing a touch of wild paradise to Halloween.

Couple dressed in jungle explorer attire


Go grab a margarita and your best Hawaiian shirt, it’s time to blast some Jimmy Buffett as you dress like a true ParrotHead. This costume is not only totally tropical, but also comfortable and recognizable. Instead of Trick or Treat say, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!”

A Person Standing In A Room

Halloween can be as tropical as you want! From exploring the rainforest as a daring explorer to embodying a mythical mermaid, these costumes are sure to bring island flair. Be sure to take a picture and share it with us if any of our suggestions inspire you!