Take An Inside Look At One Of Our Palm Tree Villas

Our Palm Tree Villas are the definition of premium Louisiana cabin camping. With large sleeping accommodations and special amenities that will feel like your own home away from home, you can't go wrong when booking this cabin type. Keep reading to discover the top features of our Palm Tree Villas and why you should consider booking one for your next camping getaway at Camp Margaritaville Breaux Bridge!

A Bed In A Room

Sleeping Accommodations

There's no need to rent multiple cabins in order to fit the whole family. Our Palm Tree Villas can sleep up to 6 people! Sleeping accommodations range from either having a private room with 1 queen bed and a separate room with 2 twin bunk beds, or 2 private rooms each with 1 queen bed and a sleeper sofa. As you can see, this cabin type is spacious and offers sleeping arrangements that are great for kids and adults alike!

A Bathroom With A Sink And Towels

Full Bathroom

A private bathroom inside your very own cabin?! Yes please! Our Palm Tree Villas have a full bathroom that includes a bathtub, toilet, sink, and plenty of cupboard space for your toiletries! This amenity is great for those with little ones or for those who just want their own privacy.

A Kitchen With Black Counter Tops

Full Kitchen

Whether you decide to meal prep or wait to make dinner at your site, this cabin type offers a full kitchen for all your cooking needs. Equipped with an oven, stove, fridge, kitchen sink, island with seating, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, and plenty of cupboard space, your time at Camp Margaritaville will be a breeze from breakfast to late night snacks! Plus, we include a variety of pots & pans, plates, silverware, mixing bowls, and other cooking utensils that you may need during your stay. Talk about the best Louisiana cabin rental ever!

A House With A Grill And A Fire Pit

Other Special Amenities

In addition to the wide variety of sleeping accommodations, the full bathroom, and kitchen, our Palm Tree Villas also include other amenities that will make you feel at home. This cabin type is equipped with a large porch - perfect for sipping on your morning coffee or stargazing! Each Palm Tree Villa also includes a charcoal grill for the ultimate camping experience. Do you need anymore convincing to book this cabin type?!

A Living Room With A Couch And A Tv

Includes AC/Heat

Just like all of our other cabin options, our Palm Tree Villas have heat and A/C. This way, you can cozy up inside your cabin after a chilly night around the campfire, or feel rejuvenated as you walk in with the A/C blasting after spending a day in the Louisiana heat. It's the best of both worlds!

A Room With Bunk Beds

Ideal Location

Whether you're looking to be right by the action, or enjoy some privacy, our Palm Tree Villas are located in an ideal location on our campground

For those who love non-stop events and activities, our Palm Tree Villas (#3125 - 3144) are the perfect option. These cabins are just a small walk away from the swimming pools, water playground, water slides, and fishing pond. This makes it easy to travel back and forth from our water attractions so you can take full advantage of a fun-filled day!

On the other hand, our Palm Tree Villas (#3145 - 3164) are located just slightly farther from our attractions, with a road and parking in between, offering more privacy. These cabins are great for those who aren't looking to be right by all the action. 

View where each of these cabin options are located on the Camp-Resort Map.

A Row Of Houses

Whether you're looking for the best Breaux Bridge cabin rental, an accommodation that can fit the whole family, or a cabin that includes a full bathroom and kitchen, our Palm Tree Villas are a great choice to meet your needs. You can learn more about all of our cabin types here, or if you're ready to book you can book online or give us a call at (337) 667-7772. We look forward to seeing you soon, glamper!