Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Maria Rothe

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to share Maria Rothe’s story. Inspired by her parents, she has dedicated her work to serving others through hospitality. Being from Venezuela, she brings that tropical energy that runs through our entire resort that helps guests feel at home while in paradise. Here’s Maria’s story in her own words:

What does Margaritaville Resort Orlando mean to you?

I’ve been living in this country for just 5 years. I was forced to leave my country because of the very difficult political situation. I made this country my home. I made this job my purpose. I am happy to work at Margaritaville Resort Orlando because it reminds me every day of my environment where I grew up. I’m from Venezuela, so we do have this Caribbean vibe in every place we go. To have this amazing sun, palm trees, homes, cottages, people, it’s so exciting and I’m proud to have the opportunity to work here.

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What does your job involve?

As the Front Office Manager, I make sure everything is ready for every department so that our guests have an amazing experience. Whatever requests guests have or whatever things they need to have a really, really good time, that’s what I’m focused on.

What sets Hispanic workers apart from other employees?

Hispanics are very hard workers. We’re limitless. Every Hispanic person, we all have our own accents. That makes me proud because it tells others that we speak a second language.

How did you become interested in the hospitality industry?

Hispanics are very family oriented, and we want to be close to our parents for our whole lives. Mine have passed away and that makes me a little sad, but I do hear their voices talking to me and repeating what they believe. They instilled in me the love for service of others. My mother was a teacher and my father was a doctor. Basically, their lives were really focused on others.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a teacher, but there are many ways to serve the world. And that’s why hospitality has been the greatest fit for me in my life. I’m inspired to come and see my team. That’s my family. I’m just so happy when I come in. I know there is something new we can learn together, something new that we can do better, and it’s exciting just to have a new opportunity to live life again.