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38th Annual Texas Crab Festival

As always, the annual Texas Crab Festival kicks off Mother’s Day weekend for 3 days of great food, fantastic musical performances and activities for everyone. Crystal Beach really shows out for this popular event. Indulge in nearly every type of crab, prepared any way you can imagine - boiled crab, soft shelled, crab cakes, crab nachos and more will be served throughout the festival. Enjoy live music from the main stage and explore all the local vendors have to offer, including delicious food and unique retail items. You won’t want to miss it.


The list of activities seems to grow by the year, including multiple cooking contests, a dance competition, wiener dog race, t-shirt design competition, cornhole tournament, a 5k fun run and so much more. It’s such a great way to bring everyone together for a fun and exciting weekend with a chance to give back to the community.


What started as a way to promote local businesses has ballooned into one of the most exciting events of the year that brings thousands of people to Crystal Beach. It is hosted by Texas Crab Festival Charities, a non-profit whose mission statement is “to increase educational and career opportunities for Bolivar Peninsula residents of all ages, and to support local organizations that further the goal of improving the lives of the residents of Bolivar Peninsula.” Proceeds from the festival and donations from festival visitors are reinvested into the community to assist youth programs, schools, volunteer fire departments and other various initiatives.


Give back by getting down to Festival Park in Crystal Beach on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12-14, 2023 for the 38th annual Texas Crab Festival. Fill your bellies with delicious food, your ears with spectacular live music and your hearts knowing that it’s for the betterment of the Bolivar Peninsula community.

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