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Line Cook

Job Overview 

Responsible for Back of House including receipt, storage and organization. 

Job Responsibilities 

Remove gloves and aprons before entering the front of the house.

Handle product properly according to safe food handling procedures at all times.

Follow proper hand washing methods.

Keep food out of the Temperature Danger Zone.

Adhere to Critical Temperatures for items.

Receive, rotate, label, and store product according to FIFO.

Avoid cross-contamination.

Adhere to standards of handling and holding food products.

Ensure all materials and supplies are available.

Maintain a clean appearance and workstation and assist in overall kitchen cleanliness.

Ask for help whenever it is needed.

Ensure a harassment-free environment through proper personal conduct.

Use respectful language with Guests, Staff Members, and Managers at all times.

Respond appropriately in emergency situations to avoid danger to self, Staff Members, and Guests; remain calm at all times.

Notify Manager/Supervisor of low inventory.

Understand, comply with, and enforce all company policies and procedures.

Understand and utilize all safety and sanitation practices as defined in the safety program; report any accidents.

Perform other duties and tasks as assigned or determined by Chefs, Management or Supervisors.

Skill & Experience 

Able to complete a heavy workload and handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.

Good judgment and decision-making abilities.

Health permit/food safety and Alcohol Awareness. Staff Member is required to obtain cards individually and provide proof of possession prior to first day of employment subject to local laws.

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