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These rules and regulations were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety, and maintenance – and with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind. Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests.

Check-In Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Check-Out Time: 11:00am
Quiet Time: 11:00pm - 8:00am
Waste Pickup: 8:00 - 9:00am & 6:00 - 7:00pm
Restroom Hours: 6:00am - 10:00pm Weekdays, 6:00am - 11:00pm on Weekends

If Check-In time is after 7:00pm go to the pool to pick up your check-in packet. If you are arriving after hours, please contact the Camp Store for special arrangements

After Hours Emergency Phone Number: (409) 927-0000

General Rules

  • Quiet Time is from 11:00PM – 8:00AM
  • All guests must be 21 years old or older to rent a campsite.
  • No prorations or refunds will be issued for early departures. 
  • All children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older when they are using the common areas of the resort, or outside their assigned campsite.
  • All visitors must check-in online or at the office and comply with all resort rules and regulations.
  • YOU are responsible for the actions of your children and your visitors.
  • Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons in the resort. Respect people’s privacy.
  • Do not walk through occupied or unoccupied sites. Please use the roads and paths provided.
  • Should the Sheriff be notified regarding a disturbance at your site, you will be required to vacate the resort without refund.
  • Guests use the resort’s facilities at their own risk. Please act safely and secure your valuables.
  • Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to guest property and/or injury to a person, pet, or visitors due to the use of resort facilities or caused by others on the premises.
  • The resort is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather, or catastrophic events.
  • Please leave resort facilities as you would like to find them. Please clean up after using the facilities such as rinsing the shower, sink, etc.
  • Campfires are allowed in fire pits only.

Prohibited Activities

  • You may not access or use the Site for any purpose other than that for which we make the Site available.
  • All pets are prohibited from entering ALL buildings, facilities or common areas including, but not limited to the License to Chill Pool, Fins Bar & Grill, Fin City Arcade, the Campstore, the gym, shower, laundry building, playgrounds, Paradise Park and food service areas. We have a Dog Park where the dogs can run free while inside the fenced park.
  • Smoking and Vaping is prohibited in ALL buildings and common areas of the resort, including the pool area and the entertainment park.
  • Illegal drugs, as identified by the State of Texas, are prohibited in the resort.
  • For your safety, we do not allow fireworks, go-carts, ATV’s, UTV’s, minibike], drones/remote controlled aircraft, or other like items in the resort. E-bikes are allowed.
  • No BB gun, pellet gun, air gun, and or paintball gun use is allowed in the resort. All weapons shall be kept in compliance with state/federal laws.
  • No peddling, soliciting, or business enterprise is allowed in the resort. Signs for the sale of products, services, and RVs are not allowed.
  • Generators and combustion engines of any kind are prohibited to be in use within the resort with the exception of the RV's and/or vehicles pulling the RV's. Generators are permitted for use during emergency or power outage situations. 
  • The use of profane, abusive, harassing, or threatening language or actions directed at personnel or other guests of the resort is prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal from the resort.
  • RV washing is allowed with prior approval. Fees apply.
  • Clotheslines and hanging laundry outdoors is prohibited.
  • No vehicle repairs or maintenance may be done in the resort unless approved by management
  • Cutting trees or plants is prohibited. Tying ropes, nailing or screwing bolts to trees, and hanging tarps from the trees is prohibited.
  • Parking vehicles on the grass is prohibited.
  • Swimming in the ponds is prohibited.
  • Fishing in the ponds without a valid fishing license is prohibited. Taking the fish from the ponds is prohibited. Our ponds are catch and release only.
  • Riding bicycles and all other ride-on toys after dark is prohibited.

Vehicles & Site Occupancy

  • We welcome self-contained RVs including Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Class A, B, and C Motor Homes, tear-drop campers, pop-up campers and truck campers that are 15 years old or newer. For RVs older than 15 years and in excellent condition, contact our reservation team for approval. Our resort policy prohibits tent camping and horse trailers. All RV’s are subject to exterior inspection upon arrival.
  • One RV and one passenger vehicle is allowed per site.
  • Site occupancy is limited to 8 persons per site. Please contact our reservations team at(409)515.1970 if your immediate family has more than 8 persons so they can help make your reservation.
  • Outdoor items should be neat and orderly
  • No personal items are allowed on the grass long term to allow for lawn maintenance.
  • Only American Flags, Military Flags and Flags of the 50 US States are permitted to be displayed throughout the resort. Customers in violation of this policy will be asked to remove any other flag for the duration of the stay.
  • Hazardous materials should be discarded properly. No dumping of anything on the ground that may harm the grass or landscaping.
  • Portable gas and charcoal grills are allowed.
  • Utility/Car trailers must be parked in the reserved parking spaces.
  • Any stains on the concrete from vehicle leaks are to be cleaned up immediately. If we need to attend to the stain there will be a cleanup fee assessed.

Waste Disposal

  • A member of our staff will be by between 8:00-9:00 am and 6:00-7:00 pm every day to pick up any trash bags left by the curb and after that, you can take your garbage to one of the garbage locations on site.
  • Please do not leave any trash or trash cans out overnight. Only household trash is allowed in the dumpsters.

RV Sewage

  • Texas law mandates the use of a sewer hose seal (threaded connector/rubber donut) – this is Mandatory.
  • Our resort operates on a lift station. Please do not place feminine products, grease/fats, diapers, cat litter, paper towels, wet wipes, hazardous substances, syringes, or plastics down the drain/sewer. Please use RV toilet paper.
  • Sewer hose must be positioned on the concrete pad and diverted onto the grass only at the in-ground sewer access point.
  • ALL water hoses and connections should be leak-free. All hoses, electric cables, and cords must be coiled neatly and kept o the grass.

Pet Rules

  • There is an active leash-law here in Galveston County. All pets (cats and dogs) must be on a leash at all times when outside their RV.
  •  $25 total pet fee. Limit 3 pets per site.
  •  Aggressive animals will not be allowed in the resort. You will be asked to leave with no refund if your pet shows any aggressive tendencies or complaints are verified.
  •  All pets are prohibited from entering ALL buildings, facilities or common areas including, but not limited to the License to Chill Pool, Fins Bar & Grill, Fin City Arcade, the Campstore, the gym, shower, laundry building, playgrounds, Paradise Park and food service areas. • We have a Dog Park where the dogs can run free while inside the fenced park.
  •  We reserve the right to refuse or require the removal of any animal at any time.
  • Excessive barking is not allowed.
  •  Pet owners must immediately pick up after their pet and deposit waste in a bag and into the designated receptacles.
  • Pets may not be left outside unattended
  • .Do not feed wild or stray animals.
  • No washing of pet bedding, pet sheets, and/or pet blankets in the laundry rooms. Please use the outdoor water spigot for such.

Swimming Pool

  •  No Lifeguard is on Duty. Swim at your own risk. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult 18 years or older. Anyone behaving in an unsafe or destructive manner will be removed from the pool area.
  •  All infants and small children must wear swim diapers and a non-disposable waterproof covering on top of their swim diaper to prevent spillage into the pool. If you do not have one, they can be purchased at the swim shop or camp store.
  • All infants or children that can not swim must wear a life preserver in or around the pool.
  • Music is provided at the pool. The use of personal sound making devices are prohibited in the pool area.
  •  Swimsuits or clothing must always be worn when in the pool area. Nudity and excessively revealing swimsuits are prohibited.
  • All outside beverages are prohibited. We offer a wide variety of adult and kid friendly drinks at the pool.
  •  Glass containers are prohibited at the pool
  •  Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, drunkenness, and public intoxication is prohibited and will be grounds for immediate removal from the pool area.
  • Diving into the pool is prohibited.
  • Running on the pool deck is prohibited.
  •  Throwing balls or pool toys inside the pool is prohibited.
  • Oversized floats are prohibited.
  •  Excessive splashing of other guests or splashing in the pool swim-up bar is prohibited.

Golf Cart Rentals

  • Parking pass rates for personal golf carts operated within the Camp Margaritaville Crystal Beach Resort are $25 per golf cart per visit. However, ATV/UTV’s, side-by-sides and other o road vehicles are not allowed.
  •  You must be 25 years or older with a valid Driver’s License to operate a golf cart in the resort.
  • Do not overload carts (maximum of 4 or 6 persons as designated).
  •  Driving a golf cart through the dunes or water is prohibited and is grounds for immediate forfeiture of the golf cart and the full amount of the golf cart rental.
  • All golf carts must remain on the streets and designated paths throughout the resort at all times. Driving on the beach must remain between barrel 25 – 75. Anyone outside this zone may forfeit their golf cart privileges and pay a $500 fine.
  • Only the person(s) listed on the golf cart rental agreement may operate the golf cart.
  •  No reckless driving. Please obey ALL road signs at all times.
  •  Drive appropriately around children, bicycles, and blind corners.
  •  The resort speed limit is 10 miles per hour... PLEASE SLOW DOWN!
  •  No driving while impaired or under the influence.
  •  NO OPEN ALCOHOL CONTAINERS are allowed in the golf cart at any time.
  • No smoking on golf carts.
  • Children are not permitted to ride on the driver’s lap while cart is moving. Children must not touch cart controls.
  •  All persons operating or riding on a golf cart must remain seated and have their seat belt on at all times when the golf cart is moving.
  • You must remove the key when the cart is not in use.
  • You must charge the cart when not in use.
  •  Golf carts not charged will not be exchanged.
  • Notify the resort immediately if you suspect any problems.
  • NO refunds for an early return of the cart.
  •  A lost golf cart key fee of $100 will be charged to your credit card if you lose the cart key
  • All carts must be returned by 9:00AM


  • Wristbands are issued upon check-in and must be worn at all times to identify you as a registered guest. These wristbands also serve as your ticket to our 5-acre entertainment venue and grant you access to use the resort’s amenities, activities, and facilities. You may be turned away from an activity or amenity if you are not wearing your wristband.

Damages And Personal Liability

  • Any guest or visitor that willfully or negligently damages or destroys park property, landscaping, or equipment will be held liable for the value to repair or replace damaged items property.
  • The responsible party may be asked to leave for any damage.

Right To Refuse / Vacate / Deny Access

  • The Camp Margaritaville RV Resort Crystal Beach is a privately owned resort. Management reserves the right to refuse services, ask visitors to vacate, or deny access to anyone under any circumstances it deems necessary. There will be no refunds if asked to leave the resort.

Policy Changes

  • Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modifications may be necessary. Therefore, management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

RV Rentals Occupancy

  • 25 YEARS OR OLDER: You must be 25 years or older to rent.
  • Our rates are based on occupancy.
  • Any additional guests that were not included in your reservation will be charged the $12 per person, per day Resort Fee.
  • A refundable deposit of $250 will be charged upon check-in. Please call(409) 519-1970 to add additional guests to your reservation.
  • Pets are not allowed. Service support animals and emotional support animals are allowed.



RV Rental Furnishings

  • The list of items below are provided by Camp Margaritaville and should be accounted for upon check-out. Please note any items that have been broken and/or lost during your stay.
    Dinner Plates, Salad Bowls, Cups, Silverware, Pots/Pans, Mixing bowls, Cutting Boards, Measuring Utensils, Serving/Cooking Utensils, Can and Wine Opener, Dish Towels/Hot Pads, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Linens/Towels
  • Appliances and other mechanicals can malfunction. Camp Margaritaville Crystal Beach can not refund for inconveniences encountered due to these malfunctions which are beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to subcontract work at the earliest date possible. Loss of electricity or water is outside our control and will not result in a refund.
  • The awning should be rolled up or stored away overnight and when you are not actively using the awning. Failure to do so when the area is unattended or during nighttime hours may result in us rolling up the awning at our discretion

RV Rental Check-Out Procedures

  • All dishes, pots. pans, silverware, and kitchen utensils must be washed, dried, and put away.
  • The stove/oven should be left in clean condition and the refrigerator should be left clean and free of all food.
  • All trash needs to be placed in bags and placed outside during the trash pickup times between 8:00-9:00 am. Please leave all the bed sheets on the beds and leave used towels on the bathroom floor. All trash should be picked up inside and outside of the RV.
  • Please turn the air conditioners to 75 upon departure.
  • If excessive cleaning is required, an additional cleaning fee of $175 will be charged to the credit card on file. 
  • We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any damage or excessive cleaning, soiled dishes, or RV left in disarray from your stay. If you notice any problems upon checking in, please let us know right away to avoid any damages being charged to your account. The responsible party may be asked to leave for any damage.

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