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Explore Jacksonville Beach Nightlife

Nearby Attractions for a Jacksonville Night Out

Jacksonville Beach comes alive after sunset, offering a vibrant nightlife scene that beckons visitors and locals alike. From beachside bars to pulsating clubs and inviting restaurants, the city's best activities are just within reach when you stay at Margaritaville Beach Hotel. 

Explore the bars at Jacksonville Beach

The bars at Jacksonville Beach offer endless options for those seeking the perfect beachside cocktail experience. Picture yourself sipping into the evening with powdery sands just steps away. These beachfront establishments provide an ideal backdrop for relaxation, where you can recline on spacious outdoor patios and enjoy the sea breeze. Listen to the sound of waves crashing in the background, or if you're in a more lively mood, dance the night away to the captivating tunes performed by talented bands, musicians, and instrumental groups at one of the many live music lounge spaces, like Blue Jay Listening Room

From soulful jazz to classic country, each night provides a new opportunity to experience local talent in the bars at Jacksonville Beach. Plus, with LandShark Lookout open late every night of the week, you can stop in for a final taste of the tropics before calling it a night.  

Go Dancing at the Jacksonville Beach Night Clubs

To keep the party going, set the night on fire with electrifying dance moves and pulsating beats at one of the Jacksonville Beach Night Clubs. These vibrant and energetic venues are where the city truly comes alive, offering an unforgettable experience for those who love to dance into the early morning hours. Learn new salsa moves at a Cuban-inspired bar or sway until the sun rises at one of the outdoor venues. Dance enthusiasts can lose themselves in the rhythm with a mix of music genres available. 

Take a Chilling Ghost Tour

 If you have a fascination for the supernatural, a love for local lore, and a thrill for the mysterious, consider booking a walking tour with US Ghost Adventures. With a starting point less than a mile from Margaritaville Beach Hotel, these tours offer a captivating blend of history and the paranormal, promising an unforgettable evening filled with suspense, intrigue, and the possibility of a chilling encounter. Explore the darker side of paradise and listen to the tales of restless spirits, haunted locales, and a rich history that dates back centuries. Before your spooky Jacksonville night out, you can stop by Joe Merchant’s Coffee & Provisions for a double shot of espresso. More energy is always better when you're on a ghost-hunting adventure.  

Visit the Historic San Marco District 

After a beautiful beach day, drive into the city to explore the San Marco Neighborhood. This area is perfect for a Jacksonville night out, with entertainment and dining options that cater to every taste and preference. Here, you can wander through specialty boutiques and art galleries before dining at Town Hall, a community food and drink spot created to highlight local, fresh flavors. Or, visit The Bearded Pig for savory barbecue and refreshments under the stars at an outdoor table in their beer garden.   

Following your meal, consider catching a live performance at one of the iconic venues. The Florida Theatre, with its historic charm, hosts a wide range of concerts, theatre shows, and cultural events. After applauding the talent, you can stroll over the South Bank River Walk to watch the glistening night sky reflect on the water before floating back to paradise. 

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