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Teambuilding Activities

Changes in latitude. Changes in attitude.

At Margaritaville Hotel Nashville we take a uniquely fun and “chill” approach to our team-building activities and options. These are a great way to improve communication and productivity, helping coworkers to get to know each other better, and helping you achieve your group goals.

Our team-building activities can be used by any business, large or small, to promote better teamwork and collaborative strategy in the workplace. No matter what activity you choose, you can count on a professionally run team-building event that weaves in effective coaching, friendly competition, and plenty of fun.

Please note that due to the overwhelming popularity of our team-building events, we require:
A two-week minimum booking window
Teambuilding events must be booked in conjunction with a meeting and/or a minimum block of 10 room nights at the resort

Margarita Mixology

Start this event off by learning how to make our Perfect Margarita from one of our Mixologists. After the demonstration your guests will be split into teams. Each table will be set with necessary items and a separate table will be set with ingredients to make a variety of margaritas. Items will include: various juices, sodas, rums, tequilas, limes, sugars, etc. Each team must go to the “shopping” table and use those ingredients to make their own margarita. Teams can either share the ingredients equally or provide them on a first come, first serve basis.

Coconut Bowling

Alley lines will be outlined on our Porch of Indecision – after that, the fun begins! Prepare for a challenge as teams use real coconuts as bowling balls and try to knock down the “pins” at the end of their lane. We promise, it’s harder than it sounds! The winning team may receive piña coladas, made from their own coconuts…

Sponge Cake Wars

Nibble on some sponge cake during this bake off themed dessert war! Participants are assembled into teams and given a freshly baked sponge cake to sculpt, design and decorate. Teams will then elect one individual who will have 5 minutes to raid the resort’s “bakers pantry” for supplies such as icings, gels, food coloring, edible spray paint, candy, sprinkles, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, edible glitter and so much more. Then, it’s game on – participants will have one hour to work together and complete their masterpieces. The resort team will judge the finished cakes for presentation, creativity, and storytelling.

The Lost Shaker of Salt Scavenger Hunt

This event is truly one of a kind and can accommodate smaller parties. One of our team members will hide “salt shakers” throughout the resort that will lead your team to solve the mystery of the lost shaker of salt. Jimmy will leave a note explaining that “someone” or “something” has stolen the secret ingredient to his Perfect Margarita, but who’s to blame? That’s for you to figure out! Throughout the Resort we will have clues leading up to the missing Salt Shaker.

Corn Hole Tournament

Let the games begin! This activity is perfect for small and large groups and can really bring out the competitive edge! We will provide a bracket as you and your group separate into teams. This is a great activity after a long day of meetings to get your team up and moving! This team building activity does include food and beverage as well.

The Perfect Daiquiri

Teams will engage in a blind taste test of our perfect daquiri recipe. After tasting, your group will break into teams and be challenged to recreate the perfect daquiri recipe. The team closest to the recipe card wins! This activity can be alcoholic, or non-alcoholic.

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