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Discover The Islands of The Bahamas

The Bahamian islands have long been some of the most dreamed-about tropical escapes on Earth — and for good reason. Warm sunshine, powder-sand beaches and endless expanses of sapphire-blue Caribbean form the postcard-perfect picture of paradise. 

Although The Bahamas are overflowing with exceptional natural beauty, the abundance of incredible things to do here has also helped fulfill the promise of the ideal island getaway. Of course, the warm waters off The Bahamas’ many beaches offer amazing boating adventures, exceptional fishing, SCUBA diving, and water sport and leisure activities aplenty. The rich culture of the Bahamian people means that history buffs will be spoiled for choice when it comes to walking tours, sightseeing, museums, music, art, and dance. And naturally, the food, wine, and other delicacies of this exquisite island nation are in a class all by themselves.

Still — even given the undeniable magic you’ll find here when looking for adventure, not a soul would blame you for simply heading to the beach, picking out a lounge chair, and letting the afternoon melt into evening — as your beverage follows suit to the sound of gently lapping waves. 

Here, the choice is yours. And it’s impossible to make a bad one. So relax — you can’t go wrong.

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