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The Margaritaville Meetings Acceleration Program

Meetings and events will play a critical role in bringing teams back together and charting a course for the future, but companies will need to manage their risk in terms of possible attrition and even cancellation. The team at Margaritaville understands this, and we aim to deliver a clear value and return on investment for every meeting RFP that comes through our door. That's why we've developed a "zero risk clause" for all new contracts -- scroll down to learn more.

The Margaritaville Mindful Meetings Experience

As we all move forward with a heightened awareness for health and wellness practices, the new Margaritaville Lake Resort on Lake Conroe invites you to experience the transformation of the ordinary meeting. Our approach embraces thoughtful accommodations for safe distancing and elevated hygiene procedures, while providing distinctive meeting environments and mindfulness programming that inspires creativity, invigorates passion and enriches the mind, body and spirit.

Our teams have developed thoughtfully curated health and wellbeing meeting packages which provide confidence in our operational approach, combined with turn-key wellness programming to offer attendees a unique and enriching conference experience. We want you to know that whether you are working on meetings and events now or in the future, the safety, wellbeing and enduring experience of your attendees is our priority.



Meeting Environment

Our creative meeting space sets help optimize healthy and hygienic practices, while providing a setting that stimulates collaboration and innovation:

• Safe social distancing spacing
• Hygiene and sanitizer stations
• Air purification systems, infusers and aromatherapies
• Staggered breaks and event entry / exit timing

Team Building & Wellbeing Activities

Enriching programs and activities inspired by the unique recreational amenities and local experiences we have to offer have been re-engineered to emphasize opportunities to enrich the mind, body and spirit of each attendee:

• Get out and move to be well!
• Enrich the soul by giving back while coming together.
• How to navigate health & wellness information overload.
• The art of wellness.
• Slowing down the tempo to improve results.

Activated Breaks

To fuel greater energy and engagement, we've developed new mindfulness programming and activities to complement our coffee break food and beverage offerings:

• Invigorating, guided wellbeing exercises including meditation, yoga and stress relieving breathing rituals for groups of any size.
• Brain teasers and games to promote networking and movement.
• Flash mob dances and exercises designed to stimulate a break or ignite a general session.

Food & Beverage

At Margaritaville Lake Conroe, we carefully select and prepare meals to promote locally sourced, seasonal offerings while maximizing nutritional and energy boosting benefits:

• Our curated menu offerings differentiate our culinary experiences from the competition by activating the best ingredients that our region has to offer.
• Our industry leading culinarians and beverage experts will work alongside you to craft menus tailored to maximize healthy choices and leave a lasting impression.
• Our priority and efforts on wellness include an intensified awareness on product sourcing, preparation and intentional flow planning to promote social distancing.

Stay Connected With Margaritaville

There’s always something going on at Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake Conroe, from exciting events to exclusive deals to new facilities for you to enjoy. Sign up for our newsletter, and you’ll be among the first to know our latest offers and updates.



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