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Have Peace of Mind While You’re Enjoying Island Time

Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe | Houston values the health and safety of our guests and team members above all else. Though we're dedicated to delivering on the perfect blend of lake latitude and island attitude, we're equally committed to protecting your wellbeing. 

From the moment you check into our resort, you'll experience a heightened standard for hygiene and cleaning. This plan was designed to meet the expectation of an even higher standard of cleanliness for our guestrooms, amenities, common spaces, and restaurants.

We're following official guidance at the corporate, local, state, and federal levels, which features an immediate focus on sanitation. Rest assured we'll be doing everything we can to make Margaritaville a fun and relaxing lake escape.

Arrival & Check-In


● Hand sanitization stations are available at entries and throughout the resort.


● Protective shields are in place at the front desk, and all team members have PPE.
● A hand sanitizing station is available at the check-in area.

Guest Requests

● If guestroom access is required to fulfill your request, our team will do so while you're absent. All surfaces touched within will be disinfected by the responding associate.
● When delivering items to guestrooms, we will confirm the guest is in the room, then leave items outside the guestroom door.
● Guests who ask for retrieval of items will be encouraged to leave items outside their doors within the provided laundry bags.

Housekeeping & Guest Rooms


The following guidelines are followed before staff members go to their respective floors or areas:

● All staff members will have the required PPE.
● We have a health and sanitation leader for the resort to provide oversight, training, and property inspection to ensure all protocols are followed.
● Gloves are changed between individual room cleans.


● Guest rooms will not be serviced by housekeeping until departure.
● If you need extra towels, linens, or pillows please press the Guest Service button on the phone located on the nightstand, and housekeeping will deliver them to your room
● We are using disposable ice buckets.
● Ice machines are sanitized frequently.
● We clean and disinfect all guest rooms in accordance with CDC guidelines after every guest departs.
● We use industry-leading disinfectant solutions and recommended equipment, with emphasis on high-touch areas.

Public Spaces

Public Areas

● The lobby leader will monitor all activity in the public areas consistently throughout the shift. Increasing frequency of cleaning protocols in public areas with high-tough areas is essential.
● Checklists by shift of all cleaning protocols in public areas is completed and provided to management upon completion of each shift.
● All areas are cleaned utilizing a combination of Ecolab multi-surface peroxide solution and EPA- registered disinfecting wipes.

Elevators & Stairs

● Hand sanitizing stations are made available at elevator entry points.
● Guest and employee elevator call buttons and interior handles and floor buttons, as well as all stairwell door handles and banisters, are cleaned and disinfected.

Recreation Activities

● We have hand sanitizer available for guests in all areas.
● We disinfect tables and chairs frequently.

Restaurants & Bars

General Guidelines

● We ensure team members follow CDC sanitation guidelines.
● All tables, chairs, and counters are sanitized after each guest use.
● We have installed sneeze-guard shields at the Host stand.
● Menus are single-use and disposable.
● Rollups for place settings are rolled in a disposable napkin.
● All straws are wrapped.
● Condiments will be served in single-use, disposable containers.
● Check presenters, votives, pens and all other reusable guest contact items are sanitized after each use.

Food Safety & Sanitation

● All team members will be trained annually in food safety practices. ServeSafe certificates are required for all food and beverage leaders.
● A Food Handlers License is required of all employees in food & beverage.
● Handwashing is required before, during and after the preparation of food, along with additional cleaning between each meal period.
● Documented cleaning checklists are in place for all kitchens and restaurants, along with weekly documented walk-throughs for each kitchen, and submitted by culinary leaders.
● All cooks preparing food will be wearing gloves, masks, a chef’s hat, and a clean uniform.
● We have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan on standard sanitation procedures.
● Time and temperature logs must be used, and the processes outlined in the HACCP plans.
● Daily pre-shifts with restaurant staff regarding food safety and sanitation are consistent, along with quizzing staff members on protocol.
● Kitchens will be cleaned and sanitized at least once per day, and dish machine temperatures verified each shift.

Joe Merchant's Coffee & Provisions

● We will manage the line flow to ensure coffee and food pickup areas remain appropriately distanced.
● We have removed all self-serve condiments and made them available from attendants only.
● We use only individually wrapped utensils in sealed to-go format.
● We have added a sneeze-guard shield between cashier attendant and guest.

The Golf Club

The Golf Club at Margaritaville Lake Resort would like to assure you we are following all recommendations provided by the government and global health organizations. Exercise along with good old-fashioned fresh air and sunshine are a great way to relieve stress, so if you’re up for a round, our golf course is up and running.

St. Somewhere Spa

Cleaning & Sanitizing

● We use EPA- approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe, eco-friendly, and effective against COVID-19.
● We sanitize all surfaces after each use.
● We have sanitizer stations available for guests and team members in all areas.

Fins Up Fitness Center

Cleaning & Sanitizing

● We use EPA-approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe, eco-friendly and effective against COVID-19.
● Guests will be instructed to sanitize all equipment and surfaces after each use.
● Hand sanitizer is available for guests and team members in all areas.
● The fitness center will require guest key cards to monitor access.

Guest Considerations

● We will have disposable masks available upon request, please see the spa attendant.
● We have removed water dispensers and will provide bottled water upon request, please see the spa attendant for this.

Einstein's Surf & Boat Shop

● Before boat use, all surfaces are cleaned with hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectant, followed by a thorough disinfecting of all boat surfaces with Industrial Grade Sanitizer.
● After boat rental is complete and the boat has returned to its proper dock location, Einstein’s Staff will remove and sanitize any equipment (life jackets, tube, etc.) Every surface on the boat will then be sanitized.
● If any Einstein staff member or person comes into contact with a boat after it has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be sanitized again.
● Only one boat renter will need to be present to complete Rental Agreement and payment.
● Captains (drivers) will be instructed to view and retain our Boat Safety video well beyond 6 feet from video player.
● All boat attendees will be asked to practice safe social distancing measures aboard craft and remain 6 feet from captain.
● Einstein’s Staff will have sanitizer available for guest use at boat rental desks.

Live Life Like a Song: Margaritaville Retail Store

Cleaning & Sanitizing

● We use EPA-approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe, eco-friendly, ad effective against COVID-19.
● We have hand sanitizer available for guests and team members in all areas.

Guest Considerations

● Trying on clothing and accessories will not be permitted at this time.
● Plexiglass shields are installed at retail counters to minimize contact between guests and staff.

Meetings & Events

After speaking with our teams, partners, past clients and industry leaders, we have developed new and relevant best practices that are mindful of your concerns surrounding health and safety at future meetings and events. These best practices address a broad range of touch points to include the meeting environment, food and beverage presentation and preparation, team building, audio visual and event management.  

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