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Vitamin Therapy Services At St. Somewhere Spa

At Margaritaville Resort Orlando

VTS — Vitamin Therapy Services — is a leader in the wellness industry focused on providing Intravenous hydration and vitamin therapy to people who desire to achieve ultimate health and become the best versions of themselves. With over 6,000 intravenous treatments delivered safely and effectively to date, we are the pioneers of IV vitamin therapy in Florida.

Our medical director, Dr. Olga Ivanov, is a renowned cancer surgeon who firsthand experienced all the benefits that IV therapy offers to a multitude of patients from all walks of life and all levels of physical health. From cancer patients to super healthy athletes and everyone in between, thousands of patients under Dr. Ivanov's care have benefited from intravenous vitamins delivered safely and effectively.

IV vitamin therapy is a pivotal tool in the wellness and anti-aging space, immune balancing, improving athletic performance, and boosting energy.

Our staff consists of superbly skilled and trained registered nurses who are friendly, caring and kind.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on offering highest quality, made in USA, purest forms of vitamins.

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