Available All January Long

In honor of our 3rd Trip Around the Sun, the Vitamin Lounge at St. Somewhere Spa has created a special 3rd Trip Drip! Only available in January, this drip is a special, reviving, and rejuvenating Mineral Blend boosted with the amazing properties of Vitamin C and B Complex. All ingredients were expertly selected to be the perfect treatment to celebrate Margaritaville Resort Orlando’s 3rd Anniversary!

Symbolizing the sun, Vitamin C promotes healthy skin and supports your immune system. Symbolizing the earth, the Mineral Blend promotes relaxation — and is a great hangover cure. Pulling it all together is B Complex, which promotes energy and cellular health. All three ingredients together work as an excellent detoxification and recovery combo that energizes and relaxes you. How perfect for paradise!

Valid only from January 1 through January 31, 2022.

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